Board Member

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Home Link Family Support is a company limited by guarantee and it is also a registered charity. The remit for Home Link Family Support is contained in its Articles and Memorandum of Association. These were last revised in 2002 and a copy is available at Companies House. Strategic and policy decisions are made by a voluntary Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for ensuring that Home Link Family Support is operating in a way that meets the aims and objectives in the Articles and Memorandum of Association and the organisation's policies. The Board must also ensure that the organisation meets its legal obligations. Home Link Family Support has a number of subgroups. The subgroups make recommendations and provide information to the Board to enable decisions to be taken. The membership of the subgroups includes board members and staff from Home Link Family Support and can also include relevant experts and advisors. The Board meets at least six times a year including its Annual General Meeting. Each subgroup also meets quarterly. Directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting for a term of three years. At the end of the first three-year period Directors can be elected for one further three-year term. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the day-to-day decision making at Home Link Family Support in line with the policies that are approved by the Board. We are currently recruiting Board members who have skills and experience in early years, health, education, social work, finance, the voluntary sector, monitoring & evaluation and employment law. For an application form and general enquiries, please contact Paula Swanston on 0131 661 0890 or email