How we can help

Do you want to use our services?

Can we help you or your family?

If you feel you are experiencing some form of difficulty in your life, and you feel Homelink Family Support can help you, click here to complete a quick and simple form.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to us, you can contact the office on 0131 661 0890. You can also ask your Health Visitor or others who support you to refer you as well.

Who can we help?

  •     You should be in a household with at least one child under five or expecting a baby
  •     Live in Edinburgh or Midlothian
  •     Are you experiencing some form of difficulty in your life?

What happens next?

  • One of our coordinators will arrange a visit so we can understand how best we can help you
  • After our visit, we will identify who can best help you – either a volunteer or staff member.
  • You will then meet this person and we will introduce them to the family.

How can they help?

  • Depending on how much assistance you need, this person will visit you every week or two, for up to one year
  • They will be someone to talk to and enjoy some company
  • They’ll give you support to access activities in the community, such as parent & toddler groups, baby massage, and taking the children out to the park
  • They can help at home to play with the children, and to get into routines
  • Read some family's stories

Length of support and monitoring

The person you are matched with can visit you for up to one year. Throughout this period of support there will be regular reviews to reflect on the goals set and the progress you are making. The reviews will be either face-to-face or by phone at least every four weeks.

How can you help us?

Our Volunteers offer their time and support without payment and we value this contribution highly. It is important that you are willing and able to engage with the service.