About Us

Home Link Family Support is an award winning charitable organisation who support families with young children in the Edinburgh and Midlothian area. We have been effectively delivering fa mily support since 1986. The services we offer are centred around an asset-based model of support, working with families in their own homes to ensure the best start in life for children. 

Our Aims & Objectives 

To provide support to statuatory and other voluntary-sector services in Edinburgh and Midlothian to help reduce disadvantage to families with young children. 

Mission Statement 

Working in partnership with families to give children a positive start to secure better life outcomes.  

Guiding Principles

Home Link Family Support will meet the needs of families seeking our help by:

  • Providing home-based, non-judgemental and focused person-centred support from volunteers to reduce stress and isolation and increase confidence and health/wellbeing for all the family members.  We take a family-learning approach, ensuring parents understand the important role they play in their child's development. Our volenteers deliver support that focuses on the encouragement of opportunities for play, reading/story telling, singing and crafting.  
  • Carrying out regular reviews with every family to ensure the correct level of support is being maintained and to facilitate changes to support plans where families have experienced a change in cirmcustances.  
  • Working with families by encouraging and supporting them to engage with Home Link Family Support and other organisations to ensure families are able to access all available support.  

Home Link Family Support supports its volunteers and staff by:

  • Having a strong framework of appropriate guidelines, policies and procedures
  • Providing induction and ongoing training at all levels
  • Providing regular support and supervision sessions

Our Services 

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Midlothian Systemic Family Counselling 

Antenatal Support Service

Midlothian Young Parents' Service

Early Years Family Practitioner

Early Years Family Support Service

Midlothian Family Opportunities Worker


Areas we cover 

We cover Edinburgh and all of Midlothian. 








If you have children under 5 we can support you by visiting you at home.  Ask your Health visitor to refer you or call us 0131 661 0890

The services we offer are centred around an asset based model of support working with families in their own homes to ensure the best start in life for children.

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We provide the following services:


Family Support with trained volunteers, providing family-learning experiences