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Volunteers recieve Awards

07.06.2017 - 11:25

We are very proud of ALL 75 of our volunteers but some have had special recognition this Volunteers Week:

Flora Michalopoulou received the Health and Wellbeing Award in Midlothian, for her gentle persistence with a mother who could not leave the house and is now not only out and enjoying life but also volunteering herself. Mum is delighted with the match:  ‘She says I can really talk to Flora I don’t feel pressured and the kids love her. She’s helped me to do  my own volunteering and I have been out on my own too. I took the kids to gymnastics alone and enjoyed it and will go back.’

Ingrid Tait received an Edinburgh Inspiring Volunteer Award for supporting a family with complex needs, they said that Ingrid was "fantastic, so easy to talk to. I felt supported and much more confident. The children always love to read with Ingrid as soon as she comes in. We do loads of activities. Ingrid always has great ideas of what to do, and she helped us find new places to go, and work out the bus routes."

Anna Batink also received an Edinburgh Inspiring Volunteer Award. The mum in the family said her biggest achievement from Anna’s support has been to help her to trust again, make new friends and improve her boundaries. "Anna helped me to trust again and get back my confidence".
Anna says it has been well worth it because ‘I felt appreciated by the family and that I am helpful to them which is the most important thing for me.’

Mary Lilley also received an Edinburgh Inspiring Volunteer Award Mary has supported 3 families over the past two and a half years. Her most recent family say "Thank you for sending me my Mary, my son loves her so much he has tried to follow her home! She is easy to talk to and is building my confidence - she understands my anxiety issues. The match simply couldn’t have been any better, my son really looks forward to Mary’s visits and I feel like I am beginning to enjoy motherhood at last.’


Cranely Nursery run another fundraising marathon for us

02.06.2017 - 12:14

We are grateful to the intrepid staff of Cranley Nurseries who again have tackled Edinburgh's Marathons to raise funds for Home Link Family Support.

We are amazed that staff who work all week with little children still have the energy to pound the streets on a baking hot day.

Photos coming soon

You can still donate to the magnificent runners at



Proud to announce an award for volunteer Flora Michalopoulou

02.06.2017 - 12:09

We're delighted that Flora Michalopoulou has recieved the health and Well being award at the splendid Midlothian Volunteer awards. 

Flora was given the award for her work with an isolated Midlothian family.  Flora visited a family in which mum's mental health meant that she never left the house.  Flora's unstinting support was key to raising mum's confidence that now a year later she is able to get out and about with the children and is regularly volunteering herself. 

The award was sponsored by Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership.