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We get help with extra sparkle for Families

30.11.2018 - 15:49

We help families with small children, but we also get help from these two local organisations who help us give a little extra bespoke sparkle to small children who usually get very little.

Kids Love Clothes collect the anonymised details of a child from us. A few days later they deliver literally bags of stuff to our office; beautifully laundered and pressed, and especially picked out for to suit that child.  They included shoes, these wonderful pink wellies pictured and even party clothes. Our Coordinators then take them to families who perhaps are newly arrived from places like Syria, or are living in Emergency accommodation, or simply don’t have warm winter clothes for their kids so they can’t play outside.

One mum said “It was like the clothes were tailored for them, everything fitted. It is so much easier knowing the children have lots of clothes to change into and I don’t have to keep washing the few outfits they have. I don’t need to use the washing machine every day so it saves electricity and saves me money. They don’t have to wear the same having the same stuff every day and they are not going out with clothes that are shredded at the knees or elbows.”

Another service that we love to use is Free Cakes For Kids, a brilliant organisation with an army of volunteer bakers who make personalised birthday cakes to order for children who would otherwise go without.

Their creations are magnificent, worthy of Great British Bake Off, like this stupendous Power Puff Girls cake that we delivered this week. It is like a work of art!

If you want to bake or have clothes or time to give to these wonderful organisations, please get in touch with them


Kids in Pushchair

Developing Speech and Language Through Play

15.11.2018 - 11:20

Katie has two children under 5. Due to complex circumstances, the children have had some difficulty adjusting to family relationships and engaging with other children.

Their behaviour at home is sometimes difficult to manage. An Early Years Coordinator from Home Link visited the family, and spent some time getting to know them. The coordinator discussed a support plan with the family, and the family identified what was going well and what they would like to work on. They were then matched with a supportive volunteer.

The volunteer visits for 2 hours a week. Initially she spent time getting to know the family, and playing with the children. Once they were comfortable with each other, the visits developed to include crafts, and role play, as well as free play. The children and the volunteer use lots of imaginative play, which lets them practice interacting with different people and situations.

Katie is delighted and has really noticed a change, her own mood has improved and she says:  “Daniel always looks forward to the volunteer’s visits. It has really developed his confidence. He has developmental difficulties, and the time with the volunteer has really helped. His language skills have developed and he’s learned lots of new words“.

The visits will continue for 12 months.  The coordinator will continue to review the progress with the family, and develop the support plan to meet their changing needs.

Esther Black

Maria & Remi at Scottish Parliament

We speak at the Parliament

08.11.2018 - 11:43

We went to the Scottish parliament yesterday to talk about the importance of Befriending.

Maria, a volunteer, and Remi, a parent spoke to MSPs at the Befriending Impact event organised by Befriending Networks. They powerfully described the loneliness of early parenthood and how home visits from volunteers can raise parent's confidence.

We also heard fascinating stories from other volunteer organisations including Food Train, COVEY, Epilepsy Connexion and Edinburgh Headway.