Super Gran!

Super Gran!

27.01.2020 - 14:19

A mother of 2 boys speaks about the experience of having a volunteer ’Super Gran’ to visit once a week:

“Any parent or carer will know that having a child definitely changes your life and routine many wonderful ways.  Having a new addition to your family can require juggling lots of tasks and having an extra pair of hands can make such a huge difference.  Those extra pair of hands for me came from Home Link Family Support – we were paired with a wonderful volunteer who became a huge lifeline. 

Our volunteer or as we used to call her ‘Super Gran’ or ‘Grandma Maria’ would come in to help me with my two children for a couple of hours every week. 

No task was ever too big – I can’t actually ever remember her saying ‘no’ to anything.  The key thing was that I trusted her – within the year we developed a good relationship and I got to see that she truly cared. We spoke about lots of things from food to music, travel and family.

She worked very closely with my little boy who has additional support needs.  She played games with him; taught him how to use toys; helped with his feeding and much more.  At times she would help watch both my children (who were 4 years and under 1 year) while I did some chores around the house.  Knowing I had those 2 hours every week to quickly get a few things done was such a massive help.  Every Tuesday the boys would wait for her to arrive and greet her by the door.  She was so mild mannered, friendly and kind - she would sing to them and they loved seeing her.  She almost became part of our family.

Having a child with additional needs has extra challenges – but this was never a challenge for Maria.  She saw the child before the disability.  She would help me to get to appointments or play with the boys into the garden.

What blew my mind was the fact she was doing this for free.  I was always taught that nothing in life comes for free. However, Home Link Family Support gave this service to my family for free.  Home Link harnessed their skills as a charity organisation to bring together volunteers and developed these wonderful individuals’ skills to become volunteers to support families, such as mine.  Words can’t express how grateful I am. 

I hope that Home Link Family Support can continue to do their amazing work – supporting children and their families.

Thank you J”