New Service for Young Parents in Midlothian

New Service for Young Parents in Midlothian

22.01.2015 - 12:49

Help for young Parents in Midlothian

Parenting can be a tough job. The baby is gorgeous, but a day without adult company can feel never ending, especially for young parents. But there is a local solution.  Award Winning Home Link Family Support volunteers have been visiting families in Midlothian since 1999 and now we have a new service specially tailored to parents under 25 whose child is under 3.

The Midlothian Young Parent’s Support Service lead by Rachel Campbell, will provide a fully trained volunteer to visit the young Midlothian family in their own home, to offer emotional and practical support.  The volunteers will be encouraging, non-judgemental and reassuring to parents who may be experiencing social isolation with little or no wider family support or perhaps finding it difficult to manage.

Young parents can discuss having a volunteer with their Health Visitor and any professional or they can refer themselves through Home Link Family Support’s website.

We have a lot of experienced volunteers but now we are expanding we'll need new volunteers with some experience of parenting, childcare, nursing or caring who are looking for a challenging yet very rewarding volunteer befriending opportunity.  Volunteers are always well trained, police checked and fully supported by professional staff.

There are two ways to support a family in Midlothian; you could become an Early Years Befriender and work with a family that has children under 5.  Or you could join the Young Parents Support Service which is a little more intensive and requires some experience of parenting or child care.  You just need to be able to commit to 2-3 hours a week over 12- 18 months.

Do you want to volunteer to support our young parents? Please contact Jane Ellis on 0131 661 0890 or email

Are you a young parent or do you know a young parent who would like to talk about having support?  Call Rachel Campbell  0131 661 0890  email;