Midlothian Young Parents Support Service

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Midlothian Young Parents Support Service

This service supports parents under 25 years old with children aged three or under. The support can start pre-birth and carry on through the child’s early years, providing the parents with one-to-one support. It offers:

  • re-assurance
  • assistance
  • increased knowledge of parenting
  • child development
  • encouragement to engage with services within their communities

The project focuses on families from the four priority areas: Woodburn, Gorebridge, Mayfield and Easthouses. We also work with families throughout Midlothian.

Trained volunteers provide one-to-one practical and emotional support along with early-year programmes such as PEEP, play@home and Bookbug. The aim is to build confidence and help with accessing local groups.

What does support look like for the families involved in the service?

The service takes place weekly for up to three hours, face-to-face in the family's own home. It follows a strengths-based support plan led by the parents and offers a range of support including:

  • practical and emotional support
  • practical preparation pre-birth and post-birth
  • accessing local sustainable early-years resources
  • promoting self-confidence
  • promoting parenting skills and increasing parenting capacity
  • improving attachment between parent and child
  • attending medical appointments
  • promoting play and reading (volunteers trained in play@home and PEEP)
  • opportunities to attend group work sessions
  • outings and support attending local mother and baby groups

Every 4-6 weeks, the parents and the Volunteer review progress and identify areas for further development. We meet clients' needs by offering person-centred support and encouraging uptake of local sustainable services.

We aim to demonstrate the importance of collaborating with parents, building on their strengths, taking into account their view and experiences and by acknowledging that "most parents need support of some kind at some time," and "normalising" parenting support would greatly widen the reach of the benefits it brings." (Centre for Excellence and Outcomes 2010:6).


For further information or to make a referral email Sheena Smith or call her 0131 661 0890


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